ERP Flex is fully integrated comprehensive material management accounting & payroll package. ERP Flex neatly fits into your organization, No matter Big, Medium or Small. ERP Flex has been developed using proven technologies, making it reliable and secure.

         ERP Flex checks and reports any under utilization of resources in your organization,minimizing your cost of production. The sharing and processing of information between departments is smooth and easy,with distributed architecture of ERP Flex.

  Minimizes the cost of production
  Minimize the inventory levels
  Maximize the material availability
  Minimize communication gap between departments
  Integrated with Monarch barcode printer and Scanner
  Integrated with Cash drawer, Credit card reader
  Monitor and control the inventory for any sort of company


  Multiuser access
  Access control system
  Invoice Maintenance
  Department request handling
  Can work in all major platforms
  Efficient transaction management
  Maintenance of important records


  Operation on windows,Linux and Unix platforms
  High level portability
  Supports many users
  Totally End-User driven

   Data Security & Integrity

  Access rights to authorized users only
  Access security at module, transaction and function levels
  Data consistency verification
  Minimal data duplication

   Components of ERP Flex

  Inventory Management
  Human Resources
  Point of Sales
  Customer Relationship Management