Inventory Management

         The ERP Flex Inventory management provides superior management over inventory by optimizing inventory-stocking levels for excellent customer service and profit maximization. The ability to deliver the required product to the right place at the right time to the customer can be achieved through ERP Flex, by ensuring that you have enough of the right product in stock, while avoiding stockouts and overstocks in a daily transaction.
ERP Flex Inventory Control Features are

    Serial Number Tracking
    Maintenance of multiple warehouses
    Quality checking
    Item Images can be maintained
    Item Grouping/Profiling
    Bill of materials facility
    Item Label Designer and barcode printing
    Audit Trail for Inventory Adjustments
    Stock Transfer Facility
    Point of sales provision
    Handling of returned goods from supplier
    Integrated with Barcode Scanner and Portable Terminal
    Integrated with Cash drawer and Pole display